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Values and Ethos

Our Values, Vision and Mission - Tree of Life

Value Statement

(Who we are) 

Coombe Hill Infants' is an inclusive, community school with a strong tradition of mutual respect and tolerance within a nurturing family environment.

We provide an outstanding education for all children.

Vision Statement

(What we strive for)

Our vision is to develop strong minds, bodies and spirit in preparation for life. We sow the seeds of curiosity, enthusiasm and resilience to ensure all children continue to delight in their lifelong love of learning.

Mission Statement

(How we will do it)

We will:

  • Ensure there is a warm, welcoming and secure environment for all
  • Provide high quality, personalised and inspirational teaching and learning
  • Offer a creative and adventurous curriculum delivered by a passionate and innovative team
  • Expect high standards for behaviour and conduct
  • Provide enriching experiences and role models
  • Foster a culture in which every child's contribution is encouraged, valued and celebrated
  • Build genuine, collaborative partnerships with families and the local and global community.

"It's like one big family, living in one big house."


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