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Our agreed approach to behaviour

We are an Attachment & Trauma informed school


Our Agreed Approach- Relationships and Behaviour                           

We set the weather!

  • Every interaction is an intervention

  • Positive relationships are at the heart of all we do 

  • We greet children with a smile and a positive start to the day

  • We give children eye contact, use their names and allow them to identify and name feelings making them feel valued

  • We are sensitive to families personal circumstances

  • We are sensitive to subtle changes in children’s work as a result of change in family circumstance or underlying anxiety

  • We are aware that a change in a child’s behaviour may be due to them having experienced abuse (For signs of abuse see Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy). 

  • We are kindly strict, we avoid shushing, shouting or using whistles

  • We all use chimes/tambourines/clapping consistently across year groups

  • We praise publicly, we reprimand privately

  • We understand that all emotions are okay but not all behaviour choices are

  • We will use the emotion coaching approach to support children with their behaviour

  • We will ensure that pupil voice is at the centre of our approach

  • We agree that all adults working in our school are responsible for the behaviour of all of our children

  • We will never ignore or walk past learners who are making / displaying poor behaviour choices.

  • We have high expectations