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Behaviour at CHI

Our Learning behaviours

A guide to what it all means, what we are doing at school and how you can help at home.

What are Learning Behaviours?

Based on Building Learning Power, (Guy Claxton), our Learning Behaviours are linked to our Golden Rules and are designed to help our young children...

  • Learn more
  • Learn more effectively
  • And become lifelong learners

Our Learning Behaviours involve building and developing particular habits of mind to help our young children face difficulties and challenges calmly, confidently and creatively.

We use the Winnie the Pooh characters to illustrate and promote our Learning Behaviours and in the Hall, you will see a large Learning Behaviour display and the Winnie the Pooh soft toy characters, to remind the children of our expectations of learning and behaviour.  These link to our Golden Rules.  We focus on one Learning Behaviour a week and children are rewarded with stickers for behaviour noticed by teachers.  You will also see Winnie the Pooh characters and their associated Learning Behaviours on display in every classroom.

Winnie the Pooh is RESPECTFUL - We are gentle, kind and helpful


 Winnie the Pooh teaches us how to share, work with others and think of the feelings of others.

How parents can help  

Encourage children to...

  • say please and thank you

  • open the door for others

  • take turns in games and conversations

  • listen to others

Tigger is RESILIENT - We work hard

Tigger teaches us to enjoy learning, ignore distractions and learn from mistakes.

How parents can help  

Encourage children to …

  • keep on going, even if a task is difficult

  • talk about how you feel when you are taking on a challenge

  • praise your children when they persevere

  • help them find interests and activities that are absorbing

  • talk to them about what helps them to concentrate

Eeyore is good at REASONING - We listen to others and make the right choices


Eeyore teaches us to be honest, to ask lots of questions, to think things through and to listen to other people’s ideas.

How parents can help

Encourage children to...

  • tell the truth at all times

  • find solutions for problems when playing

  • be flexible in their thoughts and open to the views of others

Owl is RESOURCEFUL - We try our best

Owl teaches us to think about the best way to learn, to change things if they are not working and think about what we have learnt.

How parents can help

Encourage children to...

  • talk about the day and what they learned and maybe tell them what you learned today too

  • try a different approach if their model/project/drawing is not working out

  • work together to help find solutions

Kanga is RESPONSIBLE - We look after property

Kanga teaches us how to be safe & look after ourselves and others. 

How parents can help

Encourage children to...

  • help tidy up their toys/bedroom

  • help prepare food, lay the table, make the bed

  • Share worries with adults

  • Cross the road safely

Piglet is READY - We are ready to follow the Golden Rules!


Piglet teaches us to get ready for learning by sitting and listening well and looking at the teacher.

How parents can help

Encourage children to...

  • get enough sleep

  • take lots of exercise (bike riding, swimming, climbing etc) to develop strong muscles for using a pencil

  • eat healthily to develop a strong body and mind

  • talk about what helps them to concentrate


Rabbit knows the importance of Relationships!

“I know relationships with my family, friends and grown ups at school are important.”
Rabbit teaches us to listen to our friends, use kind words and to look out for each other.

How parents can help

  • Encourage children to ……
  •  listen in a conversation and take turns
  • use kind words and be respectful by saying please and thank you
  •  look out for their friends and family



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