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African Vision Malawi

Welcome to our page dedicated to our school charity African Vision Malawi.

If you would like to sponsor a child in Malawi or contribute to the charity in any way please click on the image or link above. Thank you!

A School Partnership

One aspect of work involves linking schools in Malawi with schools in the UK, and we are proud to be linked with the Namanyanga School.

The goal is to establish a relationship between the two countries through correspondence. African Vision Malawi want the schools in Malawi to learn about and learn from the schools, teachers and children in the UK, and likewise the children and staff at our school can learn a lot from those in Malawi.

School partnership updates occur twice a year, where we share information to be taken to Malawi – African Vision Malawi then collect similar information from the schools in Malawi to bring back to their partners in the UK.

Each trip has a different theme, so we can learn specific things about each country and draw interesting comparisons.  Past themes include; Homes, Games, Water, Growing, Animals and Expressive Arts.

During one visit, Mrs Eileen Speak took our 'Growing' pack out to Malawi. The children were so happy to receive it.

Mrs Speak then brought their letters from Malawi to share with our children and presented them in a whole school assembly. You can see the assembly PowerPoint here.

We enjoyed hearing about how the crops are grown in Malawi and look forward to receiving their next information pack. Below you can see Mr. Morris teaching a problem-solving lesson in 2014.