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In The Moment Planning

The current Foundation Stage Curriculum is HERE

A brief introduction on how we use in the moment planning at Coombe Hill Infants…

When children are playing and selecting what to do themselves, they become deeply engaged. While this is happening, the adults will be observing and waiting for a moment in which they can feel they can make a difference. They will then interact to “teach” the ‘next step’ as appropriate for that unique child at that precise moment. Each time they interact with a child, they are observing, assessing, planning for, and responding to, that individual child. Such interactions are the most important and powerful teaching moments. Some of these interactions will be recorded. Each member of staff will adapt their environment and paperwork to suit their needs in order to maximise the learning potential for each child.

The Ofsted definition of teaching is very useful to support all staff in recognising the teaching that they are doing through their interactions and through the enabling environment.

“Teaching …includes… communicating and modelling language, showing, explaining, demonstrating, exploring ideas, encouraging, questioning, recalling, providing a narrative for what they are doing, facilitating and setting challenges.”

OFSTED Sept 2015


The weekly organisation is as follows… On Friday, we will select some children who will be the “focus children” for the following week. These children are given a form to take home for their parents to complete – asking about current interests of the child and any special events in the family.

Staff meet with parents of the focus children in the week following their focus week, where a truly individual picture of the children’s experiences will be discussed.

Just to clarify – the adults are interacting with all the children, but just recording interactions with the focus children. In this way, paperwork is manageable and ‘teaching’ time is maximised. Any “Wow” moments are recorded for individual children and added to individual records. We will also add WoW moments to Tapestry.

“In the moment” planning is a very simple idea- observing and interacting with children as they pursue their own interests and also assessing and moving on learning in that moment. This approach leads to deep level learning and wonderful surprises occur daily.